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September 16, 1939 - January 4, 2023


Lenora (Lenore, Lee) James

Power in Numbers

Lee's Celebration of Life

Thank you to Lee's family and friends who joined her Celebration of Life on March 4, 2023.

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Life Story

Lenora (Lenore, Lee) James
September 16, 1939 - January 4, 2023

Survived by Dennis, her husband of 63 years, daughter Debra, son Daniel, granddaughter, sister Louise, niece Louise (Wendy), brother in law George (Bob), many cousins, God children, and friends.

Lee was born in New York City, NY in 1939, to parents of Italian and Ukrainian decent. She was the oldest of 3 children, Mike her brother and Louise her sister and the first grandchild who was loved dearly by her maternal grandparents and aunts who played a large role in her upbringing. She frequently reminisced about her Grandpa and Grandma DiNapoli as well as her Aunt Vinnie whom she credits with her strong faith, her desire to love and be loved, her morals, her intellect and her kindness. She may have been the first grandchild, but she wasn’t the last. She often spoke of the good times she had playing with and taking care of her younger siblings and cousins.

At Jamaica High School, she excelled in secretarial science studies and was the recipient of many awards. She made several lifelong friends and created many happy memories. She began working as a secretary before she graduated from high school and loved the several positions she held in Manhattan until she married in 1960. She had her first child, her daughter, in 1960 as well, and continued to work part time in the evenings until she and her husband saved enough money to buy a home. In the meantime, she gave birth to her son in 1962. In 1964, they bought their first home on Long Island.

Lee devoted her life to taking care of her husband and children. She was a very involved mom, and often played games with all the kids in the neighborhood. She was always a class mother, and many times was told by her children’s classmates that they wished she was their mom. Lee was a prolific reader. Her favorite genres were science fiction and true crime. On her weekly trips to the library, she never left without a stack of books. Even when she lost her sight, she continued “reading” several audio books each week. She loved to cook and took great pleasure in using the traditional family recipes as well as getting creative trying new recipes. Gardening was another of Lee’s favorite things. She had a green thumb for both inside and outside plants, and knew how to identify and care for plants like a pro. Traveling was another interest of Lee’s. She was able to visit much of the US, Italy and Greece, and took several Caribbean cruises.

When she and her husband found themselves empty nesters, they cared for a number of foster children. Lee was also a God mother to some of the foster children as well as to a few children of her friends and family.

Those who knew Lee will always remember that her life was one of challenges. She was often sick with several chronic and acute illnesses. Despite this, she made the most of each and every day. She never complained or felt sorry for herself. She was determined to do the things she wanted to do, and enjoy her friends and family . Her husband often referred to her as the bravest person he knows. She faced her challenges head on and fought the good fight right until the end. She prayed every day, and NEVER for herself, always for others. She was an inspiration to those close to her because she epitomized strength, courage , humor, intelligence, true grit and determination. She will be sorely missed by many.

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