Meet Lighten

Redefining the funeral planning industry with digitalization and personalization

At Lighten We Believe…

That a memorial gathering can be an uplifting celebration of life

That each person’s ceremony can reflect their unique personality 

In easing the strain of the memorial planning process

Meet the Team 

We're dedicated to lightening the burden of planning your loved one's End of Life celebration.


Our team is there every step of the way to support you as you create and customize a deeply personal service for those most important to you. 

Alexandra Koys Lighten

Alexandra Koys

Founder & CEO


Aisha Isreal
Client Care Lead


Sheelagh Tittle
Client Care Lead

Ellie Sims Lighten

Ellie Simas

Client Care Coordinator

Andie Roeder Final.png

Andie Roeder

Marketing Lead

Ashton Saunders Lighten

Ashton Saunders

Tech Product Manager

Michael Virelli.png

Michael Virelli

Operations Lead


Susan Opeka
Finance Lead