Lighten In-Person Memorial Services

Planning a celebration of life involves more than just picking a location and inviting your family and friends.  We know you want to create an experience that truly celebrates who your loved one was and the way they lived their life.

Create an Experience

Lighten specializes in designing experiential memorial services infused with your loved one’s identity. Each Lighten package includes a concierge planning team to guide you every step of the way - from ceremony creation and speaker selection to venue coordination and ceremony officiation.

Contact our team about a custom-designed experience.

The Big Screen

Lighten Celebration at The Davis Theater.jpg

A celebration for a larger-than-life personality fit for the big screen. We partnered with The Davis Theater to welcome guests on the red carpet and celebrate an impactful legacy.  Our team directed the lights, camera, and action, while guests sat back, relaxed, and celebrated in tribute to their loved one's wonderful life.

The Backyard Memorial

Backyard Memorial

A simple send-off with extraordinary meaning, held in the comfort of home.  We created a quaint and picturesque setting complete with tent, chairs, and flowers. And we designed a unique outdoor tribute to bring together family & friends in celebration of a life well-lived. 

Example Celebrations

The Immersive Museum Exhibit

Museum Exhibit.HEIC

For this beautiful event, we partnered with The Chicago History Museum to create an immersive museum exhibit that commemorated a wonderful life.  The exhibit featured clothes the honoree wore, furniture she restored, journals she kept, photos from her life, and much more. The presentation also included a plaque for each item, explaining its significance.