Lighten Cremation

Honor your loved one and preserve their memory 

Why Lighten Cremation? 


Simple Process

  • Call us at (312) 373-0847, 24/7.

  • We'll email you the necessary paperwork. 

  • Lighten facilitates the direct cremation of your loved one.

  • We return their ashes in an urn or keepsake of your choosing.

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Personalized Care


Transparent Pricing

Our Cremation Package

Currently Serving the Chicago Area

​Lighten Cremation is currently offered in Chicago and surrounding counties.

We plan to offer cremation nationwide in the future.

Get Started

If you have lost a loved one, or are preparing for the loss of a loved one, Lighten's team of cremation professionals is available 24/7 to help. To get started:

  • Call us at (312) 373-0847 to speak with our team about next steps.

  • Complete this form to be added to our system.

  • After contacting us, please checkout.


Save $150 on a
Memorial Service

Honor your loved one with family and friends, with a Lighten Memorial Service.

  • Gather your family and friends virtually.

  • Or plan a hybrid-format ceremony that livestreams your in-person event to virtual guests.

  • Discount applied to cremation customers when purchasing a memorial package.

Choose an Urn

Reflective of

Your Loved One

Choose from a variety of styles.

Stone Urns