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Charles "Charlie" Hauber

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Charles Greenfield Hauber passed away peacefully on February 17th, 2022 in Santa Fe, NM surrounded by loved ones and his favorite dogs, Maverick and Katie. 

He is survived by four children, five grandchildren, three step-grandchildren, a significant other, five brothers and one sister, his ex-wife and mother of his children, two daughter-in-laws and son-in-laws, additional extended family,  two dogs, four parrots, one duck and twelve or so chickens. He will be sorely missed by so many. 

Charlie was born in Pueblo, Colorado to the late Charles and Julia Hauber. He grew up in Winfield, Kansas, the oldest child of seven.  As a young man, he was witty, smooth, and cool. So cool he couldn't be seen with his younger brothers.  He graduated from Winfield High School in 1958 after a senior year of being the starting star quarterback. But as soon as he could, he got out of Kansas and moved to Lakewood, Colorado. 

In his early years, raising a family, he joined Lakewood Country Club where he could make business connections while also teaching his children to play tennis and golf. He attended their swimming and diving competitions when he wasn’t busy playing golf with clients. He soon became a member of the Board of Directors and was President for two years. 

As a father, he spent time trying to find ways to teach his children the value of hard work. He took them to his office where they would file, copy and shred documents. On many weekends he would teach them creative cooking techniques, including making homemade pastas with pasta rollers and drying racks, hand stuffed sausages and homemade pies. He would often say, “in this family, we don’t do things half-assed.”

Throughout the years, he kept his connections with his siblings as well as his twelve nieces and nephews. He also was a dedicated son to his mother.

He lived a full life of work as a CPA and accomplished businessman in Denver, Co.  In his early years, he and a business partner started the Fortner Hauber CPA firm.  Work was his life. He started his days in the office before anyone else and usually was the last to leave long after the sun set. We can’t say it was his passion. But throughout his career, he crunched numbers, traveled, created partnerships and later on after selling his half of his CPA firm, he helped run a financial empire under the guidance of Larry Mizel.  Even as a decisive person, a meticulous perfectionist yet office prankster, he valued his afternoon office- coffee and baked treats from his CVenture co-workers. His lifetime of working companions remain many of his best friends. He retired at the age of 74. 

Even though he worked long hours, six days a week, he still found the time to have some fun on Sundays.  He was adventurous but not too adventurous. Jumping out of an airplane with his 16 year old daughter was probably the craziest and scariest thing he did in his life but he never forgot it and said he would never do it again. He also enjoyed mountain biking and snowboarding. And on a whim, he packed up his Toyota 4 Runner and traveled across the country sleeping in the back of it with his bicycle.  Even with this spirit for adventure, he could not get on an airplane that flew over the ocean. He considered to be too dangerous and not on his list of interests. 

In his retirement years, he found great fun supporting artists, collecting beautiful art, raising chickens and loving his dogs. 

Charlie was a kind hearted, serious and introverted man who had a wicked dry sense of humor.  His sense of humor was not just dry, it was also very creative. People who spent enough time with him saw that side of him. And It showed up at some of the most inappropriate times!  But, this is not the time and place to tell you some of those more inappropriate incidents but I am sure most people who knew him, have heard of some of the stories many times. And when he told these stories, his stoic facial expressions would hold steadfast until the end where he would then laugh with a glint in his eyes. 

But he was also pragmatic and this worked to his advantage as an accountant, partner and father. He expected the best out of his children who eventually found their own wings. He encouraged them to follow their passions and focus on what made them happy. He expected a lot out of life and his relationships: love, safety, trust and honesty. 

In closing words, Charlie was like single malt Scotch….he got better with age. He lived more passionately, he loved more freely and he finally was able to tell his loved ones how much they meant to him, how proud he was of them and how much he loved them. He was a soft hearted man, always for the underdog and acted to help people if they were in need. With a sarcastic twist, he saw the best in humanity. 

Charlie's Celebration of Life

Thank you to Charlie's family and friends who joined his Celebration of Life on March 13, 2022

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